Our Work

America deserves a great government – efficient, innovative and responsive to the needs of its citizens. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that strives to revitalize the federal government by transforming the way it works and inspiring a new generation to serve.

Our Work

Areas of Work

Creating a high performing government requires a comprehensive approach. It’s not enough to focus on one aspect of government reform at a time—we need to tackle numerous challenges simultaneously. That’s why we work tirelessly in the following areas to improve our government’s performance.

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How We Work

Working with federal agencies, Congress and the administration, we develop innovative solutions to improve the federal workforce and strengthen government operations. We advocate for legislative change, offer agencies data-driven solutions to pressing challenges, and offer leadership development programs that enable federal employees to improve and transform government from within.

Policy Research Training Programs

Roadmap for Renewing our Federal Government

A pandemic. Economic turmoil. Racial injustice. Threats to national security. The nation’s future and our democracy depend on our ability to solve these challenges, and the federal government is the most powerful tool we have to drive change. In order to fulfill its promise, the government must do things differently. To that end, we propose that the Biden-Harris administration make the following issues a priority.

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Public Service Leadership Model

To help leaders across government become more effective, we developed the Public Service Leadership Model. Individuals, teams and organizations can use this model to improve employee engagement, enhance performance and deliver better results to the American people. As the Partnership strives for a more effective federal government, this model helps public servants steer our government in the right direction.

About the Model