Intergovernmental Personnel Act Opportunities

Intergovernmental Personnel Act Opportunities

We are always in search of exceptional federal employees who want to contribute to the Partnership’s mission. Each year, we offer a limited number of rotational assignments through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program.

All assignments with the Partnership are on a nonreimburseable basis (e.g., your salary and benefits are paid by your agency).

Program FAQs

Who is eligible to apply?

The Partnership seeks high-performing federal employees, ideally GS-14 (or equivalent) and above, including members of the SES. Participants in other rotational programs (such as PMFs) are also encouraged to consider an assignment with the Partnership.

Why should I consider an opportunity with the Partnership?

The Partnership is a highly respected organization with an extensive network of connections in the government, nonprofit and private sectors. While at the Partnership, you will have the opportunity to get a broad view of government, how it functions and, issues affecting government employees and our nation. You will be exposed to a range of contacts and experiences that will expand both your network and your views. You also will hone and build skills sets that may position you to take on new opportunities at your home agency.

How long can I expect my IPA term to last?

Most IPA assignments are for a minimum of six months, although a full year is preferable. Specific assignment lengths will be determined based on your project(s) and your home agency’s needs.

What kind of work does an IPA do at the Partnership?

Assignments vary greatly based on organizational needs and the skills and interests you bring to the Partnership. Examples of past projects include designing training modules and resources for new political appointees; writing case studies and recommendations on the use of student internships; developing a conference on presidential transitions; and facilitating leadership development initiatives.

Where is the work done?

Most opportunities require you to be onsite at the Partnership’s offices in Washington, DC. Some opportunities, however, may allow for periodic telework arrangements.

Might there be a conflict of interest?

The Partnership is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, and we will work with you and your agency to make sure you will not work on projects that could create a conflict of interest.

What do I need to submit to be considered?

  • Current resume
  • Brief statement (no more than one page) addressing why you’re interested in the opportunity and what you hope to gain from the experience

The Partnership will review your information and, if opportunities are available that meet our mutual needs and your skillsets, we will schedule an interview to discuss your interest further.

How is the Partnership funded?

The Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Now Open

Currently there are no IPA opportunities available.


If you have specific questions not covered here, please contact:

Emily Holby
Senior Operations Manager
(202) 464-5383
[email protected]

The Partnership also manages the IPA Talent Exchange Program for non-federal employees interested in serving in a temporary assignment in a federal agency.

Click here if you are a non-federal employee interested in applying for the IPA Talent Exchange Program or a federal employee interested in bringing an IPA placement to your agency.

The Partnership for Public Service is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any application for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability; or on any other basis prohibited by law.